20 October 2006

Sweet dreams are made of this

Woke up at 4:30 this morning from a dream in which Jeff Weinert and I were 1st and 2nd place in a cyclocross-style running race, with barriers, etc. ... I think the course was like Natz last year ... Anyway, we had a good lead on 3rd place but we were throwing elbows and beating each other up before we called a truce because there was one lap to go and 3rd place was catching up ... Maybe I could have taken him?

Looks like el Goat will be joining us soon? I seek my revenge for the Kettles ... you're on my turf now, boyo!

That fits in with the discussion I've been having with a few folks: It's fun to ride road. It's fun to ride trails. It's OK to ride and not race either of them. Cyclocross is not fun. If you're doing it, you're doing it to race and you're doing it because you love it. You don't just "ride" cyclocross. Welcome to hell, my friend!

Just found out that one of my employees Googled me last night. It was bound to happen, which is why I don't write much about work in this space. But since I only blog at lunch or before or after work, it doesn't matter, right? Right?



mountaingoat said...

Yeah I'll be joining soon, but since I haven't ridden any of my bikes in a week or train this time of year I'll just be the guy looking to cover any breaks going off the very back of the field.

Chris said...

I hear there's a special category for Those Who Eat Peanut-Butter Cups. It's part of the USCF reform movement.