10 October 2006


There’s some sort of poetic justice in being able to write this entry today. Just a couple of days shy of my blanniversary, here I am talking about the “silly season” again …

But this time, instead of lamenting, I’m excited to report that I’m moving to a new team! The Pony Shop has picked up the sponsorship of the MetLife Cycling Team, and I have been invited to join!

Also making the move will be Andy Anderson, who made huge progress in his first year of being a Cat. 2. It will be cool to have him join as well, and we have a lot of strong teammates to race with!

First, let me say “thank you” publicly to Team Mack. It was a great three years, and I got to do a lot of cool stuff, and exceed my cycling dreams. It’s not every day you meet a group of people who are supportive and take you further than you ever thought possible. Lots of great stories and memories …

That said, I am really happy about this move. First, I’ll get to continue my association with The Pony Shop, and I am proud to be able to represent one of the best shops in the country on a daily basis. Second, the core of the team is based in northern Chicagoland, which means I’ll have teammates around every day – many of whom are friends I’ve ridden and raced with for years. And finally, my mom loves Snoopy, and I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to see our jerseys! (Hey, anything to get her to support my racing!)

All kidding aside, Pat and Chris McNally have put together an awesome program, building on the long history of True Value, Higher Gear and Vox to create a MetCycling team that will have a huge impact on the Midwest scene. They have been busting their butts to get structure in place even as 2006 is just ending, and their diligence is paying off with some pretty sweet sponsorships.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Met – look for me in the blue and white in ’07!!



David Johnsen said...


Now I have the Peanuts theme music going through my head.

Chris said...

It was inevitable -- "Linus and Lucy" was our recessional music 10 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Laura will be your biggest fan if you are wearing Snoopy!! Well after Kim and the ChiAcycles.