29 October 2006

Falling back

If only falling back meant falling back to sleep!

It's 4 a.m. but my body thinks it's 5, so I'm super-hungry and wide awake. I'm not so sure Renee and Dave really want to share a room with me at Jingle Cross or Natz -- I can be super quiet, but they may want to bring ear plugs!

Kim and I had a great "falling back" party last night. Every year we end up getting a movie or two and staying up later than we had anticipated -- this year it was Munich and The Lake House. We also did Nacho Libre on Friday night.

Munich was incredible. Horrible, violent, sad, and scary. Spielberg has a way of telling a story ... his body of work will stand the test of time. It was particularly moving for us, having been there just a few months ago -- not so much for the scenes of Munich, of which there aren't that many, but because of the tapestry of history that is revealed. Without Dachau the Holocaust is different; a different Holocaust means Israel may not have been created; without Israel, Palestine continues as a geopolitical entity; with a viable Palastine the world may be a different place. Or not ... the final shot in Munich speaks silent volumes to the interconnectivity of voilence spawning violence.

The Lake House was much lighter fare, 90 minutes of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves eye candy. Sort of like Somwhere in Time meets You've Got Mail. What was cool was that it was shot at Palos, mostly in autumn and winter, which is when I was first introduced to the area. So every shot with leaves and snow on the ground sent a sort of jolt of recognition through my body -- there's this interesting scene with Reeves and his father in which they discuss the quality of light and how it's different everywhere ... I think there's a quality of light to Palos (Chicago?) that is captured in the film that just felt right. I can't wait to get back down there.

Oh! Fantastic news. The Waukegan Toll Plaza is opening for open road tolling this morning. That will cut almost 45 minutes from our commute up to Milwaukee vs. with construction -- WOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!!

OK, breakfast is done. I'm going to try to get some more sleep ... falling back ... falling back ...



Anonymous said...

nacho libre was horrible

MadCross said...

I like to sleep in until 8 or 9am whenever possible. However, we survived Nats last year so we'll survive Jingle Cross and Nats this year.