14 September 2006

This is gonna' hurt ...

Tracking Number: 78096
Request Date: 09-11-06
Status: Closed and Approved
Date Closed: 09-14-06
Member: Chris Strout
Request Type: License Category Change
Description: schriss - 2006-09-11 12:16
License: INTL XC
Request to change category from Beginner to Expert

This request was approved



Andy said...


You are an off-road maven. PS-I am NOT a vendor..ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

Chris is growing up so fast !!!

Cheers, Ian

MadCross said...

See . . . it's so much easier in the world of mtn biking. They actually want you to upgrade to allow for the maximum amount of suffering possible.

Chris said...

Awright, to be fair to folks who have been around a while -- in the past you were able to race up to Expert of your own volition. This year, NORBA required results -- at least two, top 5 results in your 10-year age category. I'm looking to race the hardest I can, hoping to not make an embarassment of myself or make anyone ask "which category is this?"

Chris said...

Actually, I think the Eastern NORBA rep saw the photo of me chasing down the woman on Sunday, with that crazed look on my face, and decided that maybe it would be better if I start in front of them ...

Anonymous said...

Cross is pretty easy