17 September 2006

Mmmmm ... beer

I didn't win any beer today, but I did have one heck of a better first 'cross race than last year! I also got to experience the Chicago Skyway with 50+mph crosswinds, lashing rain, and a thermometer that dropped an impressive 14 degrees in the span of just 3 minutes -- OUCH!

As much fun as it is playing mountain biker, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face on my first pre-ride lap. This was a true 'cross course, and I was home. God it's good to be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phlog to come tommorow ... started well, was third place until halfway through the first lap (of 10), got passed, moved to fourth, gapped on the second lap, drove on alone and by the end was closing the gap back to third (10-15sec a lap, even lap times w/ 2nd place), finished just 20sec back. Killer run-up -- I didn't think I'd make it 10 times! Fun group, real laid back, nice way to start the year!

Next week is going to be PAINFUL ... all the big names are supposed to be there ... yeah baby!

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