21 September 2006

KISSCross phlog

There managed to be a short reprieve on Blogger's photo problems, just enough time for me to upload some shot from Sunday ... the first few photos are mine; anything with me in it are from KISSCross!

Here are the troops, ready for battle
This was the killer rock that forced the re-route of the course at the last minute. Whew!
The first run-up of the year, and it was a doozy!
Off-camber action; I caught a pedal once through here but managed to save it!
The race begins; good start, I'm in fourth! (Jeffweinert.blogspot.com is already ahead)
Up to third by the first time charging through the barriers!
The long, lonely road
Trying to power the course
Fun times, great course, great crowd!
ONLY 29-1/2 HOURS TO UCI NO. 1!!!!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Nice form coming into the dismount! Next step is perfecting your bunny hop so you don't HAVE to dismount, right?