15 September 2006

John is the man

Ever since I started this blog, I've talked about what a great job the guys at The Pony Shop do. They've taken in my poor, beat-up rides and turned them into amazing steeds that have carried me on adventures across the country and around the world.

Through it all, though, I have neglected to mention the awesome ability of one Pony Shopper in particular: John Schultz. John has been there as long as I can remember, always quick to pick up a ticket and help out when I come crawling in the door with a sheepish look on my face. I really appreciate all that he does -- without him, I'd have been screwed more than once.

This week, John has gone above and beyond. The Rush needed a few tweaks after the beating it's been taking, and John has stepped up big-time -- pushing through repairs and making changes that will have me back on the bike and riding better than ever in no time. He's the man when it comes to mountain bikes -- letting me borrow some awesome videos and guiding me through this maze of new terminology and technology that I'd always heard about but was afraid to follow. Now I'm a convert.

John, thanks a lot -- I owe you some beer!

* The photo at the top is not the "real" John Schultz. This is an imposter who thinks he's the man, just because he has the same name. He's not. John's the man.



holly said...

Hey Chris, I was the girl on the grass hill at Kewaskum cheering for the Pony Shop guy. Great race! Our team is out of Chicago-killjoy. We ride at Kettle on Sats if there is no WORS race. We are usually in the parking lot @ 9. Join us if you like. 3 ride expert, 2 comp, and me the sport girl.

Chris said...

That was SO awesome -- I can't tell you how much that saved me through the race. I was too lactic-acid blind to see who it was, but it was super cool to hear "Go Pony Shop!" every lap! THANKS!!!!!

I remember Killjoy from 'cross last year ... your all-black kit scares me ... ;-) Looks like the Goat and I are meeting tomorrow at 8, I'll try to convince him to circle back to pick you all up!