08 September 2006

Feeling funky

Today is a really bad day at work. I hate to say that, and put the whole day in a funk, but it can't be helped.

On the ride in, even my bike kept wanting to turn away and not go to the office. That's when you know it's going to be rough. At least it's Friday, and at least I didn't get any lip from those car-driving mofos today!

On a positive note, I started interval training this week. Wednesday night was microintervals, which I did out at the track -- it was nice to run into Mark Harris and his really cute daughter Elle out there -- gave me a great excuse to separate my intervals into two sets while I stopped to talk to them. Not sure what the power numbers are yet, but the legs felt nice and toasty afterward, as I crawled home ...

Then last night I took the Rush out to the Des Plaines River Trail in search of singletrack. I went south this time, and found some interesting trails -- not a lot of flow out there, most of it was really tight and technical/slow. Not great training for what I hear is a wide-open course in Kewaskum on Sunday, but good practice nonetheless. Good thing, too, as my legs were still feeling it a bit from Wednesday. I eventually worked my way north to practice bunny hopping and jumping in the woods by Dundee Road -- the jumping went well; the bunny hopping not so. Not sure what my problem was, but one direction I was fine, the other I kept bashing my rear wheel ... (sorry Lou!)

Both last night and this morning I saw more deer out there than I could count -- a lot of them were really pretty little ones, all doe-eyed and such, and I even saw one young buck yesterday that still had velvet on his antlers. Pretty cool.

Also good news, the cold that decided to take up residence in my head for the past 2-3 weeks is almost gone. One more night of good sleep, and I'll be good to go. Just in time, too -- next week's training should be a doozy!

Ooooh! Oh, oh oh! I finished the book last night. It was pretty cool -- if you have any interest in historical fiction, especially if it relates to vampires, be sure to check out The Historian. Thanks Tammy!

AND ONLY 15 DAYS TO UCI NO. 1!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck at WORS Chris. I am impressed that you are doing their events. One day I'll get to race one instead of hanging about with my camera. Cheers Ian (not logged into blog)