18 August 2006

A real "Downer" (NOT!)

Dragged out the fat tires for my commute to work this morning -- it's was a refreshing change to hit the "singletrack" next to the bike path and bridle paths on the way to work instead of the same-old, same-old. It's also fun to show up at work with a bit of dirt stuck to your legs ...

As it turns out, I won't be racing Downers Grove this weekend. It has been on my schedule for a year now, but as July turned into August I realized that I just wasn't prepared for it. Physically I'd be fine (pack filler, but fine), but mentally it's just not there ... and DG is NOT the place to be mentally disengaged.

Instead, I get to be UNCLE CHRIS all weekend! I'm so excited -- my nephew Gabe is coming in from Arizona (with his mom of course), and Kim and I are headed out to Woodstock tonight to see the fam. Kaylie will be there too, of course, so we'll have a 5-year-old and an almost-3-year-old fighting for our attention -- it's going to be so much fun!

(Can I just tell you how cool it is when I hear Gabe yell "Uncle Chris! Uncle Chris!" Or when Kaylie says her really cute, quiet "uncle kiss". It is so awesome.)

Just one week to go until I try my hand at WORS, and I'm going to get out to Rock Cut one day this weekend and maybe Kettle the other. With a full house out in Woodstock, Kim and I are thinking about camping in the back yard -- should be a really good way to get ready for Devil's Head!


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Rebecca said...

Duuuude! I SOOOOOOOO wish we could be there!!!!!! I miss getting family-time! Please tell everyone how much we miss and love them. This is the weekend Rick and I are doing the MS150, and we are riding for Roger Kopsell (my age, but Uncle Ken's cousin), so it's family-time of a sort!

Enjoy being Uncle Chris! I get to be Aunt Becca when Matt, Marianne, and Sarah come on Labor Day weekend. CAN'T WAIT!