25 August 2006

Mamma always said ...

By the time I got home last night, the storm had pretty much blown into Lake Michigan, so I headed out to the Lakefront Path and into downtown. There was a pretty nasty south wind, and almost as soon as I got onto the path, I picked up a wheelsucker. By the time I turned down toward Hyde Park, I had a following -- I felt like Forrest Gump!

I want to give yet another shout-out to the Shop -- Lou is gone this week, but Alex stepped up big-time to dial in my shifting, and Peter offered some great advice forthis weekend's hill climb extravaganza. (I don't have a lockout on my fork, but following his advice I dropped the negative pressure a bit and can really tell the difference when I'm pedaling -- we'll see how it goes on the downhill parts!) That's part of what makes me proud to be wearing the blue and white this weekend -- I know the guys are behind me 100%!



MadCross said...

Good luck at Devil's Head! You're going to do great and have a fun time. I hope it stops raining as the mud there can be like peanut butter although that would be good cross practice, right? And I can tell you must be really excited about mtn biking (or blogger is now out to get you).

Anonymous said...

Don't get worried about having a gemini to race on...cross country MTB is now done on free ride bikes. I didn't race for 3 years and when I came back it had changed from cross country into observed trials/free riding and I came to the line to find everyone else was on a dualie...then the gun went off and I learned why! But hey, it is still a ton of fun!

With new technology the dualies are just as light as the old hardtails so why not have the extra cushion? And since everyone has the extra cushion why not make the courses much more technical and rougher? Blasted engineers anyway...I'll keep riding my jackhammer.

See ya at Devil's Head.

Anonymous said...

Chris & Jim,
It will be great to see you guys on Sunday since it has been way too long. Renee is getting pretty wound up for the CX season. We should try to convince her to come to Devil's Head for a crazy CX nationals reunion.

Uh Jim did you hit your head or something falling off your really uncool hard tail old mtn bike? Are you confusing buffed out smooth cyclocross courses with mountain bike courses? What race did you due that was too technical for your hard tail? No whining as Renee and I just did a mtn bike race where the top average speed was 8mph. :-)
Dave Bell