19 August 2006


I'm sitting here next to Kaylie, Alaina and Gabeo on the couch, watching SpongeBob on the Cartoon Network. We've had a big family picnic, played on the slip-and-slide, had a bath, and just had chocolate milk -- and all that just since I got back from Kettle!

We woke up at 6 this morning; Kaylie had to use the bathroom, and Gabe had permission to wake us up if she was crying ... We watched a few minutes of the Weather Channel before it was cartoon time, and then it was breakfast and I was off to Wisconsin ...

I really like that Kettle has a trails hotline. It would be great if other recreation areas did too -- it takes all the guesswork out of whether you can ride or not, if there's weather in the area like we had yesterday. The trails were in pretty good shape, although I can't figure out who was smoking what when they designed the new connector -- off-camber, downhill log crossings in the middle of turns are not exactly my cup of tea, let alone safe ... And S-curves through the sand? I'm all for a challenge, but it would be nice to be able to get into a rhythm once in a while ... (and some of the straighter lines have been cut off intentionally)

I did take a couple of runs on the high-speed downhill out on the Emma Carlin trails -- the red trail is super-fast once you scale the switchbacks! It's a pretty wide open downslope, and it was a total blast flying down the trail and around the curves!

High-speed seems to be the theme of the day; once I got back, I was able to set up my in-laws with wireless satellite internet. They've been fighting with the router company and the ISP for weeks now, including something like 2 hours on tech support last night. I figure it's something like when you can't get a jar open, and you twist and twist, and then the next person comes along and just pops it open ... my father-in-law called India late last night, and then it took me just under an hour to get it all set up!

Tomorrow I will probably head over to Rock Cut -- it's free, and it's about 15 minutes closer to my in-laws' house. The trails aren't quite as tough, but it will be good to get out and get aerobic -- at Kettle it always feels up and down, or sneaking through the trees. (My handlebars are kind of wide for Kettle, there are a couple of spots where I have barely an inch of clearance on either side ...) I realized today that for me to really get into my rhythm, I need to do a fast, wide-open downhill a couple of times to feel "quick" ...


Sorry, just had a baby butt on the keyboard!

OK, I'm over and out. It's just too much fun to be 3 years old!


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David Johnsen said...

Why do they make MTB handlebars so wide? Mine are nearly 25", about 1.5" wider than those on my hybrid (and much wider than drop bars, of course). Like you said, it makes singletrack in the woods even harder (my unfashionably long bar ends have saved my fingers several times). And my bike is a Trek -- you'd think those Wisconsinites would know better!