03 August 2006

Gettin' excited

Got an e-mail from JPE, already making plans for Gloucester! Woo-hoo!

Had our second "cross Wednesday" ride yesterday morning too. Dropped the bike off at the Shop last night b/c it's shifting funny. Hoping it's just a bent hanger, not a messed-up shifter! Good news is, the "B" bike with the "A" wheels is back in the house, so I can still do my skills practice tomorrow.

And the weather broke overnight -- 71 and raining this morning. 'Cross is in the air!

Yes, Gloucester is more than 2 months away, but that's prime "leaf viewing" season in New England. Now if I can only convince my boss to let me skip the Friday night social and Saturday slugfest that finish out our annual national sales meeting! (And if not, I'll probably head up to Sheboygan ...)


Bdog said...

Oh great, another chump in the blog world. "In the gutter" means I just ran you off the road. They don't call me The Cleaner for nothing.

Chris said...

Some of us can't be as prolific as others, and soft-core porn just doesn't fit here, but I've been at this for almost a year ... I can't help it if you're late to the party ...