24 August 2006

Dear Jon

I got an e-mail from Jon today, asking about 'cross tire choice. Unfortunately, my return e-mail to him bounced, so this is for Jon ... sorry I didn't seem to get back to you ...

Jon -- If you're running clinchers, the Maxxis Larsen Mimo CX is the best all-around tire I've found. Good tread for all conditions, great all-around. Only drawback is they tend to wear pretty quickly, especially if you have a lot of pavement time (to get to/from cross practice) -- I usually go through a full set during CX season, and two more for the rest of the year. I also have a set of Michelin Mudd IIs for the really nasty days, but haven't run them yet. I hear they're great. If you can, though, try to find a set of tubular rims. Tubs are the only way to go in 'cross. I run Tufos myself, and have had some problems with flatting, so I make sure they've got Tufo sealant in them. Running tubs vs. clinchers is night-and-day! You didn't say where you're from -- are you in Wisconsin?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for thi info. Not sure what happened with the e-mail address but luckily I checked your blog.

I tried the Tufo tubular clinchers and both flatted within two rides. Even with 60gms of sealant one could not be repaired. An expensive lesson.

Michelin's seem to be pretty popular. I have also considered the Vredestein Premiato's. As for tubies...any problem with rolling them. They seem llike they could be a lot of extra expense and work.

BTW I live in Rockford, Illinois...I saw you at Rock Cut the other day. I was with another rider he was on a mtn bike and I was on a Felt Cx.

Thanks again,


Chris said...

That was you? I wondered about that. I told myself to tell Kim that I saw another CX bike out there! It's pretty rare -- I love getting out there on the 'cross bike: of all the "local" trails, Rock Cut is the most open and fast.

Knock wood, never had a problem rolling them. I don't glue my own though -- Lou at The Pony Shop does it. He's got some super-duper strong glue he uses -- once he gets back from fishing, I'll ask him about it.