26 July 2006

A week in the life

I made a comment to Kim that it was a rare event on Friday that we didn't run into someone I knew. (Yes, even in Germany, we ran into a guy who lived on my dorm floor in college.) Little did I know (scroll down, there's a picture) ...

Couple of things going on this week:

  • Work sucks: I managed to get yelled at by the company prez and lose my best employee in the span of 18 hours. As the French say, jamais deux sans trois (never two without three), so I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Good news is that when I have strife at home or work, I ride like the wind!
  • Freds suck: I spent a lot of time at Rock Cut this weekend, and Kim is riding really well! One of the nice things about Rock Cut is that it's a shade easier than Palos, so is perfect for 'cross bikes -- unfortunately, that's also one of the bad things about it. We got out there at about 10:30 on Saturday morning, which even then was cutting it close following the torrential rains on Friday ... obviously, a bunch of people had already been out there, tearing up the trails while they were wet. Sunday was even worse, as the trails were perfect, but there were skid marks everywhere! OK, I'm on a cyclo-cross bike, and I'm not skidding my wheels ... you don't need to either! Control your ride, be nice to the environment, and we'll all be happy!
  • Kim rocks: Like I said, Kim is riding really strong on the trails. She hadn't been out since before vacation, and she looked awesome for her first time at Rock Cut. A little more practice, a bit more fitness, and watch out!
  • Wisconsin rocks: Thanks to JPE and the Wisco Cyclo-cross crew, we have a calendar! I'm bummed that Sheboygan isn't on there (I really wanted to do the sand and the stairs), but the good news is it looks like I'll be at a few of the races, including my favorites -- Cam-Rock and Angell Park. Angell Park may be interesting, though, as there is a UCI C2 the day before in Lincoln, NE ... but it's only a 9-hour drive ...
  • Calendars rock: I'm bummed that several UCI races have been taken off the calendar, but I'm super-excited that there is finally some clarity to the 'cross season. Looks like it will be a full one! Good thing I'm excited -- last Sunday marked just 2 months until the first UCI race! I gotta' get to work!



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