07 July 2006

Not going out tonight

There's this obnoxious commercial on TV right now. Kim and I make fun of it every time we see it -- one college woman knocks on the door to another and says "Hey, let's go out tonight." Cut to the second woman, lying on a couch with a book: "I can't," she says, sitting up and putting a hand on her tummy, "I'm bloated and irregular." To which the first one responds, "Must be the stress of finals."

I think I have finals stress.

Everything was going so well the first couple of days back, my weight was stable (at the same weight as when we left), I felt OK, and I was getting back to working out. Now, I just want to lay on the couch and not go out tonight.

I'm sure I'll be fine, and it's just my body readjusting. And if I believe the commercials (and do some grocery shopping), I'll be back to normal by Whitefish Bay -- as long as I start a daily intake of Activia® with Bifidus Regularis™.

And therein lies my problem -- Apple strudel doesn't have Bifidus Regularis. Damn. Maybe I'll just have to suffer in silence.


Stina 1 + twins said...

I hate that commercial, too *snort*, who talks like that?

Anonymous said...

But Chris, they have such GREAT yogurt in Germany....you didn't try any of it? Tsk Tsk.


Welcome back.

Chris said...

Actually, we did yogurt and muesli most mornings -- although that got expensive vs. the choco croissants and apple danishes ... do you call them danishes in Germany?

Valya said...

Yogurt and muesli is still my breakfast of choice. You can actually get tasty organic muesli from Germany at Jerry's Fruit Market in Niles.

As far as the danishes, I can't recall. I usually just pointed and smiled, occasionally braving a "bitte" and "danke."

Ah, but the bretzels were my personal favorite, mmmmmm, and the quarkini, and the brown bread...gods I miss the awesome bakeries.