07 July 2006


First off, BIG CONGRATS to Jim and Shannon, who are to be married tomorrow in Walla Walla, Wa. Sorry we couldn't be there! It's so awesome when a couple registers at REI ... tells you a lot about their character! Have fun, and may this be the start of a long and happy life together!

Second, congrats to Robert Kron of Team Mack, who won the 40+ state crit last weekend in Peoria. He then proceeded to jump into the 1/2s race, placing 9th and just missing the state podium ... now if he only had time to train, maybe he could do something big ... ;-)

Third, congrats to ABD's Twin Towers, who both pulled off top-10 rides at the Elite National TT Championships yesterday in Seven Springs. They're both flying right now, and I'm sure once they're back in the Superweek mix, they'll be up at the front ...

Finally, good luck to Andy A. and everyone else starting Stupidweek tonight and tomorrow ...


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Andy A. said...

Thank you Mr. Strout. It's good to have you back in the good ol' USA....baseball & apple pie (sorry no strudel). I'm headed south soon (Beverly) to observe, and I'm excited to be brought the pain...I think. Thanks for all of your help and wisdom this year.

I'm done moving now (two blocks closer to cross states) so I can actually spin pedals rather than tote futons!! See you in cheesehead country, NRC style!!