13 July 2006

Chicago 2016?

Let me start by saying I'm all for a Chicago Olympics. I think it's a cool idea, and a great way to showcase this city on a world stage. I think the improvements the Games would bring to the city would be a huge boost, and I look forward to just being near all the excitement and action should it ever come to fruition.

Call me biased, but there seems to be one major flaw in the city's plans for the Games: where do you put a road cycling course in metro Chicago? One that will be exciting, and at least challenging on some level? Hate to tell you, but this city is too damn FLAT!

Sure, a bike race up and down Lake Shore Drive would provide spectacular views. But where's the sport in that? We might as well just hand the crown to Tom Boonen (if he's still racing) or Alejandro Valverde now! What a waste!

According to the Trib, almost all the events will take place in the Chicago metro area. Which means the gem of Midwest climbing, the area just west of Madison (and used in the Wisconsin Ironman), is too far out of bounds to be used. There could be some awesome courses up there, but instead it sounds like we're doomed for a flat run-in dominated by a sprint finish ... On the other hand, the TT will be FAST, FAST, FAST!

On a positive note, the bid seems to have come together pretty well, and the Trib coverage makes it sound like there are some real possibilities here. This graphic is pretty cool, although the construction on the lakefront is sure to impact the trail down there pretty significantly. And even cooler, Palos has been selected for the MTB events -- they'll get a dry run during the Gay Games in the next couple of weeks, and it would be cool to see!

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David Johnsen said...

The Sunday Tribune's Gay Games coverage says the road and time trial events are going to be held at Palos as well. So maybe the Olympics would also have a road course in that area. Aren't the courses for the Worlds and the Olympics usually relatively easy anyway?