02 June 2006

Random stuff

  • You want to talk about insecurity? How about when a vendor screws up a pet project of the company president? First, the damn thing took 6 months to launch, and now that it's live it may not be working properly. Now I'm second-guessing myself, trying to remember if I did all the testing I needed to ... with the history we've had with this vendor, I know I did everything I could, but they still screwed it up ...
  • Kim came home from school last night sounding as if a colony of frogs had taken up residence in her throat. Not to make light of her being sick, but it does make me feel a bit better -- I thought my congestion and sore throat that started Saturday night was just allergies and hotel air, but turns out it wasn't. That means I was racing Sunday and Monday with a bit of sickness, so my mental problems aren't entirely unexplainable ... Thankfully this cold is pretty mild, just a lot of congestion and a light bit of coughing.
  • Headed to the Lagoons this morning to (finally!) check out what the bulldozer was all about. It's still pretty swampy on the main trail, so I ended up walking most of it -- sad to say that the BMX kids haven't been, and there is major erosion where there shouldn't be. I made it about 200 meters or so in, and they fixed Dam #1 (the broken-up asphalt dam) by filling in some gravel, and the bulldozer tracks extend way back into the forest on the "big loop." The small loop to the north, and the area around the Bone look untouched, so that's good ... once it dries some more, I'll try to get back there to scope it out some more.
  • Canadian Lynne Bessette, one of the all-time greatest female cyclists in North America and probably the world, is calling it quits. Check this out: Here's why she's stopping, ""When you start thinking about racing as crossing the line and just being safe there is no point... I'm scared now and I don't want to break anything else." She's had some serious injuries this season, and doesn't want any more risk ... so instead she's going to do some 'cross!
And Bessette says she is not entirely retired from racing. "I am still going to race some cross. I really love it and I had a great season last year. I don't think I will push it all the way to worlds but I will definitely do North America. See, it's not that I hate cycling now -- it's just that that part of cycling is not in me anymore."

... OK, time to go find out if I have a job on Monday ...



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