01 May 2006

Happy May Day!

What's not to love about a pre-Christian, Pagan holiday dedicated to fertility and procreation? Oh, yeah, and socialist/communist worker's rights too (but that came much later). HAPPY MAY DAY EVERYONE!

Awesome weekend down in the south suburbs -- Kim's cousin Andrea got married in a castle across the street from Palos. It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception -- she and Adam have a long and happy life ahead of them!

We got down there early on Saturday for Kim's first time at Palos. We beat the rain, and had an awesome time doing a couple of loops together before I headed out on my own. Kim was a total rock star, cleaning terrain that I've seen stymie grown men! The best was when she miffed a log crossing on Out and Back, went down super-hard into the dirt, got up, (was obviously a bit disoriented), looked at me and said -- deadpan -- "I'm not sure I did that right." Then, 10 minutes later, she asks me if we can take the harder trail on the way out of the parking lot!
It was goofy in a married-almost-10-years kind of way that we both wore Pony Shop jerseys ... most days I'm really not into looking "cute" out on the trail ...
I got a couple of good shots of the trail system -- there's water off the trails in some places that have created these wicked-looking swamps. Very cool!
The trails were in good shape, and it was a lot of fun to get out there and mix it up -- just by showing Kim around, I found a trail I hadn't been on since January!

Sunday dawned rainy and windy, so I headed over to Waterfall Glen instead. The crushed limestone there isn't super-bike friendly when it's wet (and definitely not very clothes friendly!), but it was fairly sheltered and nice and hilly. I called Kim and her sister Kari when it wasn't raining and told them it was perfect ... of course, by the time they got there it had started raining even harder! But they headed out anyway, and the three of us had a nice ride. I was impressed that neither of them had a bad thing to say, despite the nasty conditions -- even I cut my ride short!

Back at the hotel, it was fun to have Kaylie supervise the bike cleaning until she got too cold ... and then it was off to my family for CJ's 1st birthday -- never a dull moment!

Maybe that's why I turned the alarm clock off in my sleep this morning?



Steve Driscoll said...


My younger brother got married in the same castle, across from Palos!

Valya said...

Happy May Day to you too, Chris. I enjoy popping in to read your blog, even though I'm not a part of the 'cross world.

Wishing you and Kim a luscious, sumptuous, fresh and feisty, voluptuously sweet, prosperous and fragrant
Beltane Season!!!

Love & blessings.

Kim said...

That's classic Kim! LOL Gotta love her :)