26 April 2006

We the people?

I'm not going to wade into the immigration debate, leaving that to others who may have much more at stake. But I absolutely must re-post this comment left by "Jennifer" on Eric Zorn's blog entry on the subject ... there is something ironically tragic about someone so opinionated against immigrants who haven't learned English who doesn't do so well herself -- it took me a few reads to understand the last sentence ...
If Spanish speaking people spent as much time and energy changing their way of life in their countries threw protest, standing up for themselves against their government and trying to get rid of the corruption that goes on with the police in their countries they wouldn't have to leave the countries they love so much or give up the language they love so much.Instead they want us to change our way of living and our language and give up our jobs.They want us to accommodate them but they don't want to compromise and do things to blend in with us and the way we live.At my husband's job they are given special treatment.They have interpreters so they don't learn english even thou some have been here for years and if they do something wrong that's not aloud by the company they get special treatment that the american workers don't because the company is afraid outside groups will come in and claim racism toward the hispanic workers.This is making it hard to speak up in America because everyone fears being called racist.But Americans need to be able to speak freely just like the illegal immigrants do.We Love our country the way it is and we Love speaking English.And Our childrens futures depend on us standing up for what we want for the United States in the future to preserve our language and our way of life.Were not trying to exclude people but we are trying to keep America from becoming a different country then we grew up in.That is are right as Americans.

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David Johnsen said...

Note that she says "speaking English," not writing it! (Or is that "righting?")

Hey, what do you call a woman who confuses threw/through, aloud/allowed, and are/our?

A homonymph!

(The grammar geek in me admits that homophone is more accurate than homonym, but either is acceptable and I can't come up with a joke for homophone.)

Wait, here's one... What do you call someone who extols English but confuses threw/through, aloud/allowed, and are/our?

A homophony!