10 April 2006

Not pretty

Sorry for the lack of Hillsboro update -- I'll post as soon as I am able to type for more than 10 minutes in a row. Have spent the last 12 hours praying to the porcelin god, sleeping on the bathroom floor, and hoping like hell that whatever I've got right now goes away quickly. I haven't been this sick since I got food poisoning almost exactly 2 years ago, and I have no desire to repeat what that was like ... come to think of it, this is almost worse. Ugh.


David Johnsen said...

Yikes, you didn't eat at the Denny's in Litchfield, did you? We both got sick after eating there a few years ago.

dplex said...

Welcome to the club.

That's why I missed Hillsboro. It hit me late Thursday / early Friday.

The sick part passes in about 24 but I still don't feel completely normal. Stomach is still giving me grief.

This too shall pass.