17 April 2006

Big-girl bikes

... and the tradition continues!

Easter has become the "bike holiday," and this weekend was no exception! Kim and I made the trip out to Woodstock on Saturday to help Kari pick out her version of a "big-girl bike" -- she has a cruiser/comfort MTB-style ride that's a few years old, but she really wanted a road bike ... I know first-hand that when you want a road bike, you don't want to settle!

So we spent some time at Outdoor Recreation on Rt. 47 (we hear it's better than the bike/gun shop out in McHenry), and Kari eventually walked out with her very own Trek 1500! It's a 2005 model, but that was the only compromise -- it's fully equipped with 105 up front (triple chainrings), an Ultegra rear(!), Bontrager components and wheels, and even a "Lance Champion" sticker on the downtube. (OK, that may have to go, but still.) It was kind of fun trying to help her learn STI shifting -- it's so second-nature to me that I forget not everyone has used it!

Then the next morning, Kaylie got her very first big-girl bike! It was pretty magical to be there for it ... she crawled out of her big-girl bed, and wandered through the living room asking "where's mymom?" then, still wiping the sleep from her eyes, she walked into the kitchen and stopped short. Doll in one hand, pushing her hair back with the other, her eyes got wide and all of a sudden it was "Kaylie bike?" It was so cute!

She even got a "hat," a cute pink helmet with bugs and flowers. Which she then proceeded to wear around the house, still in her pajamas! We did make sure she had shoes on before she started to ride from one end of the kitchen to the other ... At first, it was tough, and Uncle Chris had to push her a little. By the time we left, though, she was getting the hang of it, and after an hour or so of trying, she was laying tracks through the whole house!

Her mom managed to capture the best moment on video -- I went for a short run, the excitement had died down a bit, and Aunt Kim was in the shower. All alone, Kaylie picked up her doll, and stood there next to the bike, running her hand over the handlebars and singing "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are." Life doesn't get much better than that.

I should have pictures tomorrow or the next day -- including maybe a shot or two of my nephew CJ and his first Easter. We went to brunch with my family, and it was pretty funny to watch CJ try to feed a danish to the Easter Bunny! Share and share alike?


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Anonymous said...

Chris - Congrats on your win at Great Dane #2. Between reading your blogspot and Don L's account at Bikejournal.com, I got a great sense of the race. I wish you continued success in the upcoming season. Finally, I don't know why Chicago Athlete used my photo on your article page in their March edition. I am such a hack and here they put my photo in your article about top area racers!!

Ridgefield, CT