16 March 2006

U.S. military leaving Iceland

Anyone who has ever played the game of Risk will surely understand the gravity of today's announcement:

United States to Pull Most of Its Military Out of Iceland Later This Year, Ambassador Says
3/16/06 5:24PM GMT
Associated Press Writer

The United States, which has long provided Iceland with its only military force, has decided to withdraw most of its service members and all of its fighter jets and helicopters from the country later this year, the U.S. ambassador said Thursday.

Iceland's government, which had recently offered to pay some of the cost of its defense to try to keep U.S. forces here, said it regretted the decision.

In an interview with The Associated Press, U.S. Ambassador Carol van Voorst said she and Nicholas Burns, the U.S. under secretary of state, had told Prime Minister Haldor Asgrimsson and Foreign Minister Geir H. Haarde of the unilateral decision on Wednesday.

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1 comment:

David Johnsen said...

Cool, in 2007 I can invade Iceland! But seriously, I was just reading (in the factual postscript of The Plot Against America) about how we first sent troops there in June 1941. It was rather controversial because although we had not declared war, we were deploying troops on foreign soil to defend against Germany.