07 March 2006

Time to break out the Ark

According to the WGN news last night, the period of March 7-13, 1998, was the wettest on record. During that 7-day stretch, the Chicago area officially got swamped with 2.35 inches of rain, at a time when the average rainfall is more like 2.69 inches for the month.

We're about to eclipse that.

Some computer models are suggesting that we're in for a 7-day period in which we might top out over 3 inches of rain -- even as temps go from the 20s we've had overnight the past few evenings to the upper 50s and even 60s in some parts of the region. I guess this means spring is here early! So much for Phil's prediction ...

I've been super-lucky so far this season, with just two trainer rides -- one an hour; the other 90 minutes. I don't hate the trainer, but I reserve it only for those days under 20 degrees or when it's wet and/or icy enough to be dangerous. And this year, it just hasn't been that bad!

Andy and I did a video exchange at the beginning of training, and I'm certain he got the short end of the stick. I gave him maybe 2-3 hours worth of DVDs; in return I got more like 10-12. And I haven't needed them! I'll finally get to them this week, I'm sure -- I don't mind riding in the rain when it's in the 70s, but I've been hypothermic enough to know that 40 and raining just doesn't work well.

It's an unfortunate twist that this week just happens to be my biggest scheduled training week yet ... but we leave for Arizona in 2 weeks, so there's a light at the end of the clouds ...

Racing update: If you haven't checked out Wes Hartman's blog lately, click on over -- his TargetTraining team (and he personally) had an absolutely storming end to the Vuelta Sonora-Arizona! I don't want to give too much away, but Wes' head may just be getting bigger again ...


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Andy A. said...

Just for Phil Ligget's sake I think you have around 40 hours of DVD's........also, I am going to try and grow some gills this week, and watch the "The Life Aquatic" with Bill Murray and friends.

Back in the Ohio Valley we had toothpick races when it rained a lot, "in the gutter" is where we raced them. I can't do that here in Chicago, because it's too flat and certain sections of the course go through gang territory.