15 March 2006

Thoughts from tonight's ride

What does it mean when there are a dozen Chicago Police cars parked in a vacant lot, and a bunch of Howard District officers are randomly checking cars at the intersection outside Andy's building? The corner of Ashland and Howard is sketchy to begin with, and you gotta wonder what's going on when they're doing random searches ...

Road bikes are harsh. 'Cross bikes are much more comfortable.

You know Boston is coming up soon when huge groups of runners are out on the path, doing their mid-week long run in the dark in mid-March.

Road rides over 2-1/2 hours seem very, very long and very, very boring right about now. How did I ever do those long rides last winter? Palos has corrupted me -- I can spend 4 hours there and never get bored!

The porta-potty by North Avenue Beach is locked right now, but the fenced-off garbage area isn't. Not only is it private, it offers great shelter from the wind!

We in Chicago are seriously lucky to have a resource like the Lakefront Path. Especially when you live up north and there's a south wind ... that trip home is heavenly!

And finally, the thought that kept me going all night:

It's hard to feel sorry for yourself as you get ready for the "pain" of microintervals when you pass a double above-knee amputee out on his evening run.

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Andy A. said...

We now have (been a couple months) a blue police disco light on the corner, perched high above the intersection. It tells criminals where not to sell crack.