03 March 2006

Six months

"Six months. Six months and she just dumps me for him."
--Lane Meyer, Better Off Dead

My will has been broken. Starting Sunday, I may just have to ride my road bike.

That may not seem like such a shock; after all, it is March. And I race a road crit in two weeks. But for me, it's a total change of mind-set, and an admission that the spring/summer race season is upon us.

I haven't been on my road bike since September. In fact, when I look back at my September schedule, I can't even figure out when I made the transition -- it's weird, I have notes that we attended my nephew's baptism, and saw the System of a Down concert, but I can't remember the rides I have logged. What a long, strange winter it's been!

Last weekend may have been the last straw, as we had a fast Judson ride with a strong tailwind on the way home -- simple physics dictates that a 48x12 (the tallest gear I had on my Cannondale) with 35cc 'cross tires (even if they are semi-bald) can't go more than about 50kph. And when the group hit 53kph, I faded fast ...

Last time I was on a road bike, the 'cross season was coming up, and I wasn't looking forward to it. Now, the exact opposite is true, and I plan one last blow-out ride at Palos tomorrow morning (while the ground is still frozen) to celebrate. Especially since I saw the latest news from ABD -- they're sending a full squad to the California NRC races this month, at the same time Mesa has a group down at the Vuelta Sonora-Mexico. I have a feeling Hillsboro has never been faster than it will be this year!

Randomness: This morning was a fantastic easy ride, just spinning at 95rpm and less than 125 watts. This is what my coach calls "leg-drop," and it was a welcome change after a couple of hard days. But get this -- I got buzzed by Uncle Rico! This old-school Dodge conversion van, brown, complete with the sleeper cabin on top, goes blowing past me on Sheridan Road -- must have been on its way to making some sweet moola?

Just hope he doesn't get convicted: Saw this on Cyclingnews this morning. I knew that Mayor Daley rode, but didn't know about our former governor!

Cannondale signs freerider George Ryan
After a breakthrough season, dropping the jaws of the freeride world at the end of “Counterparts” DVD, George Ryan joins Aaron Chase, Mick Hannah, Chris Van Dine, Carlo Deickman and Wayne Goss on the 2006 Cannondale freeride team.

Unlike many other trick rider (whoc some from BMX or motocross backgrounds), Ryan is a true two-sixer. A Long Island native, everything George knows comes from mountain biking. Along with his freeride reume, Ryan comes to Cannondale with two New York State Downhill Championship titles in his portfolio.

For 2006, Ryan will ride Cannondale's new Judge DH (with 220mm of staged travel) along with a Prophet MX and Chase—all built to his spec.

If you're not from Illinois, here's an explanation ...



David Johnsen said...

Boy, it's hard to imagine George Ryan as a shredding downhiller!

Speaking of common names, who do you think of when you see a cycling headline about Kristin Armstrong? It's usually an article about the racer, but I always think of Lance's ex-wife first.

Chris said...

It's not exact, but every time I see Giuliano Figueras' last name in a headline, I think of Luca Fagundes. You know, he's "Brazilian" enough to get a call-up at Stupidweek!