08 March 2006

News of the day

What a day on the news front.

First, the Crystal Lake Park District has voted to allow the Gay Games rowing competition. Big thank yous to the commissioners who decided to reconviene after the initial vote was a tie. I don't care what you think about homosexuality, or the Gay Games, but this is about tolerance and acceptance. Or, as one local who will be competing in softball put it, "It's a dream come true for me," she said. "My dream as a kid was always to be in the Olympics." For her, it's about winning a medal.

Second, there is a new tell-all book detailing Barry Bonds' steroid use. I'm struggling with this. On the one hand, I'd really like to believe that David Walsh's accusations about Lance Armstrong are all circumstantial, accusations published in a similar book a couple of years ago. On the other, I have no problem believing that Bonds is dirty. And get this -- it all started because he was jealous of Mark McGuire, a known user! At this point, I do think there is more hard evidence against Bonds, and just have to say this: it's about damn time the American public wakes up and smells the steroids. It's sad, but how many baseball fans have pointed their fingers at cycling without looking in their own back yard?

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David Johnsen said...

1.) I have a commenter on my blog arguing that the Gay Games will spoil his "quiet lakeside village." I find it ridiculous that someone in a city of 40,000+ people would claim that a mere 300 spectators and participants would ruin the place.

2.) I'm so biased about this. Barry Bonds is one of the biggest jerks in baseball (such a prima donna that he didn't show up for a team photo one year), so I'd love to see him go down. It probably won't have much effect on baseball, which is an amazingly resilient sport -- no matter what happens (strikes, drugs, inflated ticket prices, etc.), the fans keep coming back.

I understand how you feel weighing Bonds against Armstrong (I have doubts about Walsh's book, but I'm not sure what to make of the leaked 1999 TdF EPO test results). My favorite cyclist was Tyler Hamilton, and then it was Roberto Heras (I refuse to pick a favorite anymore!). And I still don't want to believe that they cheated despite all the damning evidence.