21 March 2006

I think Renee is seriously mixed up

For some awesome photos of skiing in motion, head on over to Renee's Madcross blog -- Renee goes straight from cyclocross into skiing, and laughs at us schmucks who ride in the cold and wet of the winter months ...

Anyway, Renee is back in school (sort of), honing another of her passions -- photography. If you've ever seen her shots of the 'cross season, you know she has the gift, and it's pretty cool to see her publish a few photos of Dave on their last weekend of skiing. (I don't buy much art, but have purchased the 05 WCA 'Cross Calendar and another ski photo courtesy of Renee's site. She takes some pretty cool shots!)

HOWEVER, as much fun as that last ski weekend must have been, IT'S TIME TO RIDE! I had my last cold ride until 'cross this morning, and let me tell you, I'M NOT GOING TO MISS IT! The weatherman is predicting cool weather through the weekend, but I'M GOING TO BE IN SUNNY PHOENIX, ARIZONA, where they're predicting mid-80s and partly cloudy all the way through Sunday!!!

Unlike previous years, where I went out with my road bike and didn't come home until it was dark (and sometimes after), this year I'm mixing things up a bit. I shipped the 'cross rig out there last week, and it arrived early, so it's just waiting for me to mount up and ride ... hmmm, road tires or 'cross tires today? Can't decide? Do both!

I leave tomorrow after work, and after putting the bike together on Thursday plan to head over to Usery Mountain Park and/or the Hawes trails. I figure it's been a couple of weeks since I've been on the dirt, so I might as well start there ...

On Friday I am planning a huge day, all the way to the Roosevelt Dam. This will be a fun one, with at least half the ride on hardpack dirt road -- after climbing up to Tortilla Flats, and then 10km after, where the pavement just ends! I can't wait to see the dam though, as each year I just stopped and turned around ... not this time! (For those of you who did the VQ camp a few years ago, the area on the way up to TF is where you did your LT time trial efforts -- it was weird to see Billy Dwyer's name painted on the road, 1,000 miles from home!)

Saturday morning I have a few hours to play, probably on the trails again, before going to the Cubs game with my nephews. We're not big baseball fans, but Gabe is now 5 and Levi is 9, a perfect age to treat them to a day at the ballpark! After all, that's what uncles are for, right? It will be interesting to see if Gabe can sit still for any portion of the game -- my guess is he lasts about 12 outs before Kim or I need to take him around the park on a walkabout ... he has that much energy!

Sunday I have enough time to do a long-ish road ride, probably back up to TF and then down and over to Usery and King Kong. For those of you who have been there, you know that I will be sleeping well on the flight home after a ride like that!

Somewhere in there, I promised the boys that we'd hit the trails on the federal land across from the house, so I'll have plenty of time off-road this year. It will be a nice change from the chip seal they use to pave, let me tell you! Needless to say, I'm pretty excited -- my suitcase feels too light, though, I think I need to pack extra cycling stuff? No? Don't need a long-sleeve jersey?!?



MadCross said...

Who's seriously messed up? Winter is for winter sports! I'd say more on who's messed up but you liked my photos so I'll let it go!

David Johnsen said...

It should be a great trip (as usual). As for that light suitcase, you might consider packing thorn-resistant tubes. Those were recommended to me in the Southwest on my cross-country tour, and I was staying on the roads. I'd imagine punctures are a bigger problem off-road -- everything in the desert is prickly. Besides, think how fast you'll feel when you change back to lighter tubes in Illinois.

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