13 March 2006

... and closer to home

March 13, 2006
Chief of Police Frank Kaminski, (847) 866-5005

Evanston's downtown closed due to strong winds

Evanston, Ill. - Due to safety concerns, Evanston emergency personnel have closed off a section of Evanston's downtown from traffic and pedestrians. Construction debris from the Sherman Avenue Development has created dangerous conditions with falling and flying materials. One person has been struck and has been already treated and released. Cars have also been hit by
falling rubble.

Evanston police, fire and emergency management personnel have secured the following perimeter: Church from Orrington Avenue to Maple; Benson from Church to Davis Streets; Davis Street between the train tracks and Sherman Avenue; and Sherman avenue is closed from Clark to Davis Streets. Visitors to Evanston's downtown are asked to avoid this area until the strong winds subside and emergency personnel release the area.

"One of the problems," said Fire Chief Alan Berkowsky, "is that the winds are so dangerous and high that construction workers cannot even get to the top of the project to secure the materials."

He continued, "And the materials that already have been secured are not holding."

"We realize this is an inconvenience to businesses and residents of our downtown," Chief of Police Frank Kaminski said. "Our first concern is keeping everyone safe."

"We ask everyone to take precautions during these high winds and to please cooperate until the situation is under control," Chief Kaminski said.

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