22 February 2006

What are friends for?

Kim and I don't watch a lot of television, but what we do watch, we watch religiously. And we watch it on tape, so we can see the programs on our time (and fast-forward through the commercials!) It's because of this that between us we've seen every episode of a bunch of shows, and also is the reason we're only on Stage 10 of last year's Tour de France. (We were supposed to be done by Christmas, darn it!)

It's my job to program the VCR. Every once in a while, though, I screw it up. Because Chris and Kim time isn't exactly in synch with network TV time, I set to record all shows 4 minutes ahead and 4 minutes after. And every so often, I mix up the hours, and we end up with 8 minutes of television. Let me tell you, it's a horrible buzz kill when we've waited days to watch a show, only to see the opening credits followed by static!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I screwed up West Wing. It was the nuclear disaster in California episode, and although we've already seen the following show, there was that gaping hole in our knowledge of the goings-on in TV's Washington, DC. This was especially disastrous, as we have seen every episode (by catching up on late-night cable two years ago), and this is the last season. Buying it on DVD is cheating -- we need to see it now!

For one reason or another, Kim mentioned this to her friend Amanda. Amanda lives in Minneapolis, and -- thankfully! -- is also a West Wing fan. Like us, and because she has a small child at home, she also tapes each episode. Guess what came in the mail yesterday!!!!

So we're now caught up. And Amanda totally rocks because of it. She said she didn't need the tape back, but we're thinking of sending her one of our random Tour tapes (we taped each stage live on 8-hour tapes -- I think there's 12 of them) and calling it even. She even cued up the show to the opening titles, ready to watch!

Yes, I'm a total geek. But thankfully our friends let me get away with it ...

Speaking of friends: Big shout out to Wes Hartman, who placed 3rd in the Valley of the Sun crit on Sunday! His TargetTraining team also held onto 3rd overall in the 3-stage event ...

If it's Wednesday: Still trying to recover from the weekend -- am I getting too old for air mattresses? Nah, probably just too much caffeine (Sorry Springfield!). I lifted and rode yesterday, and then this morning had a pretty good 'cross ride down at Montrose. More drills than anything else, but managed to get some laps in -- good skills training trying to avoid all the new glass down there! Big shout out (again!) to Lou, who managed to free my stripped-out seatpost bolt and adjust my brakes last night ... the Colnago is riding like a champ right now, even on clinchers!



MadCross said...

I have one word for you - Tivo.

Chris said...

Andy Anderson does not currently have OLN, so I'm holding out hope that he springs for a DVR come July! In the meantime, we'll be taping OLN's "Cyclism Sundays" until they decide to cancel them unannounced again this year. When you don't watch much TV, Tivo is just overkill, dontcha think?

Kim said...

"Madcross" stole my answer.

Tivo is a beautiful thing.

MadCross said...

Tivo is best for those who don't watch must tv. That way when you do want to kick back and just chill with tv there is something of value to watch. Plus you never miss those one or two shows you like because you can't program your vcr! And Tivo has made the Olympics an even better experience . . . super fast forward through ice dancing . . . pause for a couple of seconds to see the freakish costumes . . . then fast forward on to the nordic skiing. And then watch your favorites in super slow motion to see their ski technique.