17 February 2006

This is the story 'bout a man named Jed ...

Anyone know what's the weight limit on a 2002 Subaru Outback? We once had it loaded with four people, three bikes and assorted gear, but that was with the pod on the roof rack ...

I've figured out that we'll be on the ground in Springfield for all of 42 hours. That encompasses two nights of sleep, two breakfasts, one team group road ride, an afternoon spent chilling out, one dinner, a morning spent setting up, and one off-season cyclocross race. So you'd think we could pack at least a little light, right?

Well, no ... add in my anal nature when it comes to racing, and the fact that it just happens to be the coldest weekend of meteoroligical winter, with the largest 5-day temperature drop in 42 years, and what do you get?

  • Two Team Mack riders/racers
  • One all-around great lady/race volunteer/pit crew/awesome wife
  • Three cyclocross bikes
  • One road bike
  • Two sets of tubular 'cross wheels (Zipps w/ Vittorias and Mavics w/ Tufos)
  • Two sets of clincher 'cross wheels (Mavic Open Pros and whatever OEM is on Andy's bike)
  • One set of clincher road wheels (Andy's)
  • One extra set of clincher road tires (Vittoria Pave)
  • Two sets of clincher 'cross tires (Maxxis Larsen Mimos and Michelin Mudds)
  • One air pump
  • One trainer, front wheel block, sweat guard and towel
  • One extra trainer tire and tube
  • Three magazines
  • Two sets of winter riding tights
  • One long-sleeved skinsuit
  • Two heavy undershirts, two lighter undershirts
  • One heavy winter jacket, one wind jacket
  • One winter jersey
  • One pair of cyclocross shoes, with two sets of toe spikes plus extra battery-heated insoles
  • Six pairs of socks: two team, two heavy, two mid-weight
  • Four pairs of gloves: one heavy, two medium, one team (plus three sets of surgical gloves)
  • Four pieces of headgear: two balaclavas (one light, one heavy), two hats
  • One helmet
  • One heart rate monitor and strap
  • Two full sets of chemical heat packs (hands and feet)
  • Two bottles of embrocation
  • One tube of Chamois Butt'r
  • One bottle of tums
  • One bag of medical equipment
  • One container of Wet Ones, one of baby wipes, one of Huggies Wipes
  • Four rags
  • One spray bottle of degreaser
  • Two bottles of lube
  • One container of safety pins
  • Various tools and a mini-pump
  • One gallon water jug
  • One bag of food and food/drink preparation stuff (including coffee prep stuff!)
  • Four water bottles
  • One bag of toiletries
  • One small bag of casual clothes
  • Bedding, a pillow, and air mattresses

And what I haven't mentioned is that, except for the two bikes and two of the wheel sets, all this is mine. I haven't factored in any of Andy's or Kim's stuff! I can't see out the back window, and we're not even done loading!

Good thing those Team Mack bags are supersized!



Kim said...

-Two bottles of embrocation
-One tube of Chamois Butt'r
-One container of Wet Ones, one of baby wipes, one of Huggies Wipes
-Two bottles of lube
-Various tools and a mini-pump
-One small bag of casual clothes
Bedding, a pillow, and air mattresses

Sounds like my kind of weekend ;)
(Edited for my own dirty purposes)

Kim said...

I like your thought process the other Kim