15 February 2006

Sometimes things just don't go as planned

Sorry for the lack of posting this week -- things have been a bit "difficult" in a couple of areas. But what's the off-season for, except to get sick and experience job stress? Better now than in October!

Yes, the cold finally got me. It's all my fault -- I rested a bit extra last week, but then didn't really rest over the weekend, opting instead for the Palos ride and a long road day on Sunday. I know my body is trying to recover, and recovering from cycling and illness isn't a smart thing, but I'm trying the "blow it out of your system" approach. It seems to be working, albeit slowly ...

And this week at work has been a real hum-dinger. Things are changing on a daily basis, and getting into any sort of routine has been tough -- I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining; on the contrary, I'm the one who signed up for this! But it does keep things interesting!

Training is going OK despite the cold -- taking it a bit easier than scheduled, and skipped my weight lifting session on Monday. Today was good, got down to Montrose and managed to get in some good drills ... still preparing to rock on Sunday!



Andy A. said...

I got some drills in at Montrose on Tuesday, although dismounts and remounts with my number one girl (Mamie-Black lab) was a little difficult. She loves the feel of Sidis and Hutchisons I guess. Don't be stressed, I'm gonna have great jokes all weekend and promise to buy at least one nice dinner!!

Plus you've got some ropes to show me this year!! Ahhh, red, white and blue on my back for all rides now.........cool.

dplex said...

Get yourself well, Chris.

Groundhog's gonna be a cold mother.

Don Lowe