03 February 2006

A series of fortunate events

I'm sure I'm jinxing the heck out of the rest of my Friday, and probably the whole weekend too, but I just have to write about the past 16 hours. They've been pretty fantastic! I had a different blog planned and written ... maybe I'll post that later today ...

First, I was able to get out of work just after 5, after my boss' boss approved a project that has been stalled for way too long. So that sort of kick-started it. Then, I had a good phone conversation with Kim, as she drove to work and I headed home. It's sort of weird when she's in two classes and I'm in a busy training phase -- some weeks, we literally do not see each other from Tuesday night until Friday night (except when the other is sleeping, or if Kim wakes me up when she gets home from class ;-) ). This was almost one of those weeks!

Anyway, I got home and quickly changed into my running gear, and headed over to Mt. Trashmore. Just one loop, with one time up the "big hill," and it was back home in time to quickly chamois up and walk over to the Shop ...

... and there it was. Hanging from a hook toward the back, alone but oozing grace and speed. I pulled it down -- it was impossibly light, its white color absolutely shining in the flourescent glare of the ceiling lights. Its black crankset, fork, and handlebars brought out the rich darkness of the name decals; the red tires highlighted the accents that the Italian master had created. This beauty was built for one thing, and one thing only, and it was apparent even sitting still on the Shop floor.

A couple of quick adjustments, a moment to drill a drain hole, and I slapped on pedals "borrowed" from Kim's bike. (I cracked the spring in one of my race pedals, so they're being warrantied.) We threw it up on the scale -- 17.6lbs! Just 8.03kg! For a 60cm frame! That's insane for a 'cross bike! (I'll lose another 0.1lbs when I get my pedals, so we'll just call it 17.5lbs, OK?) It's more than 4lbs lighter than my Cannondale, and 3lbs lighter than my road bike!

I couldn't wait to get on it, and Andy just happened to be there picking up his ride. Although I had ridden in the morning, and just done a run, I wanted to get at least a few minutes on the bike ... it didn't take much for Andy to convince me to head down to Montrose with him.

Man, the new bike is sweet!!!!! Even on the street, before we headed onto the dirt, I could tell the difference. I've been on the Cannondale exclusively since September, and even though my saddle was out of adjustment, I was flying. Every stoplight was a chance to accelerate, every intersection a chance to rail a corner. As strong as the Cannondale might be, it was like driving a rally car after driving a tank!

And when we got to the dirt? HEAVEN! I couldn't believe how amazing it felt. My tires were over-inflated for the conditions, so between that and the light weight, I was going way too fast in some of the cornering sections. I was going so quick that sections I normally pump pretty hard were behind me before I knew it! This is definitely going to take some getting used to!

Andy did talk me into an extra lap, and it was all I could do to hold back and not try to just peg it. Lifting the bike at the "barriers" was incredible, and I seriously felt like I was going to throw it instead of carry it. Once I get this thing dialed in, it will be a force to be reckoned with!

Needless to say, I was up late fiddling around when Kim got home, so we did get to see each other after all. The fun continued this morning, as I awoke 5 minutes before the alarm, feeling totally refreshed despite the short night. Then, at the Y, I squatted more weight than I have since I was playing football in high school -- I consider it a new PR! Then, on my way to work, I stopped at Starbucks -- because they had run out of decaf brew, I got mine for free, just for waiting an extra 2-3 minutes! How cool is that?!

So please forgive me this completely self-indulgent blog entry -- I'm just so excited right now that I can't stop beaming!



MadCross said...

Glad to hear that you're loving your new bike so much! There's nothing like the fun of a brand new bike.

jeremyb said...

you gotta send me some pics so it can go up on my site. right?

take care man,

Chris said...

Pics to come -- I need to get my "real" pedals, since Kim's are yellow ... they don't exactly coordinate! And I'll definitely get it up on PlusOneLap -- Lou can't be the only local on there!

Anonymous said...

Chris, so who actually made your new CX bikeframe? Enquiring Canadian minds want to know.