04 February 2006

Out of the Doghouse (aka The Good Husband)

OK! Redemption! Kim's not even home yet, and I've done a crapload of work! I threw on some of Renee's "angry music," and have finished some of the more onerous of the household cleaning, including the bathroom, half the kitchen, and some odds and ends ... more than I expected to get through, that's for sure!

Enough for now ... it's time to party!

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Anonymous said...

okay, queen of random... i googled "miyata triple cross" and was sent to this site... i'm wondering if you might have a picture of the frame? that was my favorite bike... and a fine fellow in an SUV ran through a red light going ~40 and totalled the bike and my right leg. no, i'm not making this up ... so, just in case you have a picture laying around, that would be cool - have something to remember the ol' girl by. gracias... response to kbott81 --at-- yahoo.com