24 February 2006

Not sure if this means Madison ...

... but Renee has got to be dancing the happy dance today!

From the Trib (emphasis added):

Powerful 40+ m.p.h. gusts headed for Chicago; 10"+ Upper Midwest snows
Published February 24, 2006

When winds align through the atmosphere at the surface and aloft--as often happens in the southeast quadrants of this area's large scale low pressure systems--velocities soar. That's precisely the meteorological set-up which threatens to transform the calm of Friday's opening hours into a gale at times this afternoon and evening. The strongest gusts, particularly in open areas, could exceed 40 m.p.h. before the day ends. In marked contrast to the mild temperatures expected to accompany the powerful winds here-- readings more typical of late March than February--snow advisories and winter storm watches were issued late Thursday from Montana to Upper Michigan on the storm system's north side in anticipation of heavy snow accumulations. With more than two feet of snow already covering the ground from previous storms and lake snows in Upper Michigan and more than a foot down in northern Wisconsin, the half foot to foot of new snow Friday through Saturday promises to be a bonanza for the Upper Midwest's outdoor winter sports enthusiasts.

Birthday greetings: Tomorrow (Saturday) is the 20th birthday to former Chicagoan and XXX-AthletiCo racer Rebecca Much. In case you haven't been following international women's racing in the past couple of years, Rebecca has made quite a name for herself, with multiple national titles and a silver at the World's a couple years back. She's got a bright future ahead of her! For a bit of a humorous look at what it's like to be the youngest member of the international powerhouse T-Mobile squad, check out this interview ...

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MadCross said...

But such short lived excitement . . . lots of fabulous snow that started to melt away all too soon. One more ski race before my real off season begins!