07 February 2006

Let the smack begin

If there's one thing cyclists are good for, it's talking smack. I hear there's $50 and an ice cream cone on the line if I can pull off the double at Groundhog -- that's the Senior Open and the Classic race, thereby taking the omnium prize in the process.

I work best on negative psychology -- tell me I can't do something, and I'm all over it. So I'm staying away from the positive thinkers for the next 12 days -- I'll let Gary and Steve beat me down and tell me there's no way it's gonna happen ...

... and in the meantime, I rode zone 2 this morning on the new bike, and was just 5 seconds off my best training time on the Montrose course, with basically no effort. I gotta tell you, the ride is FAST! Photos coming soon ...


Steve Driscoll said...


Here's your negative/reverse physchology: Well in that case, You cant even come CLOSE to beating ME in the cross race, as a matter of fact, I think once you see the competition, you wont even start, and if you do, you wont win, because you cant, it's not in your nature, and if you even come close to winning, you wont!


Steve : )

Andy A. said...

I've been studying some topo maps of the area and have some shortcuts in mind, I know that's my only chance. Just don't show this to the race officials.

As far as priority, I'm sure it's a C for most riders, and me too, but I can make the C an A with new technology, that might be reverse psychology on myself though. I'm confused!!


Brian said...

If I come, its all over for EVERYONE!!!!