05 February 2006

Kim's B-day with the Kopsells

Kim's family came over last evening to celebrate Kim's birthday (which is really on Wednesday, by the way). Perfect opportunity for some photos!

Kim and Kaylie got going with the balloons -- they were definitely one of the highlights of the evening! As you can see in the photo on the left, Kaylie wasn't always her bright 2-year-old self this evening ... Oh, and I guess she gets her photo taken so much at daycare that she automatically goes into surly mode as soon as she hears a camera powering up!

She and my father-in-law did have some fun watching these amazing old-time Disney propaganda films from World War II ... she just wanted to see the "Duck" (Donald) -- it's a good thing she's a bit young to fully understand or appreciate the cartoons themselves ... some of the stereotypes and war-related messages were pretty intense!

I got in on the balloon act as well -- Kaylie was having a blast trying to chase the balloons as we first filled them up and then let them fly! I'll chalk it up to lung-based cross training!

Finally it was time for Kim to blow out the candles ...

... and for Kaylie to enjoy one of Uncle Chris' specialties -- chocolate milk!

Finally, it was off to a rousing game of "sweep the floor," as Aunt Kim made Kaylie fly around our hardwood in all sorts of directions! This is one of Kaylie's favorite sports, as she laid down and started asking for Kim at the earliest opportunity, and was super-cute every time she asked "'Gain? 'gain?" to do it again and again ...


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Kim said...

Happy early birthday Kim :)