08 February 2006

Go J-Lo!

A BIG CONGRATS to Mack rider Jaime Lopez -- who, after "4 years, a broken collarbone, 3 concussions and a lot of lost skin" has been upgraded to Cat. 3! J-Lo is one of the reasons Mack is such a great program -- guys like him who race hard and have fun supporting others are hard to come by!

That broken collarbone was pretty epic -- coming into the final of a road race in Wisconsin, Jaime sheared the fork off his Team Mack Waterford in a pileup. It was heinous! Check out the Team Mack web site for a pic -- click on Photos, and go to the 2004 Photo Archive. Then, to make matters worse, the local-yokel hospital didn't know how to treat road rash, and over-diagnosed the collarbone as being a "compound" (breaking the skin) fracture! So Jaime was shuttled up to Madison, where we found him after going from hospital to hospital ... thankfully his ER doc in Madtown was a cyclist! (Oh, and then he drove home the next day -- in a stick-shift car! This man is an animal!)

It'll be fun to watch Jaime and the rest of the 3s tear it up this year, and maybe he can convince me to do some 30+ races?



dplex said...


Chip, Jaime, Dan, Mr. Driscoll and myself all in the 3's!

Should be fun.

Way to be Jaime!

Don Lowe

Anonymous said...

This year we'll have a 4-man Cat. 3 team (of which 3 are returning Mackers and 1 new Macker) here in the Indianapolis area. We will be traveling to select races in Illinois and other areas to meet up with the rest of the team. We should be able to post some excellent results.

Happy belated birthday to Kim Strout!

Take care, all.