27 January 2006

What if?

Friday is leg-shaving day, and as I was scraping the wool this morning, a thought occured to me: What if Sven Nys doesn't win on Sunday? Will the world stop rotating on its axis?

Anyway, since Friday is also vacation-at-your-desk day, I thought I'd offer up a couple of links:
  • Make sure you spell Nys' name the way he intends -- if you use the other spelling, you're in for a weird surprise! It's safe for office computers, even if it is out there ... check it out: http://www.svennijs.com/
  • Cyclingnews.com still has the Tour Down Under results as their top link -- they haven't even created a subsite yet for Worlds. How crappy is that?
  • They do, however, have full results for the Worlds Masters Championship in Mol last weekend. If you click back through on the links for the past couple of years, you see a disturbing pattern that pretty much the same people are on top of their age categories for, like, forever. And by the way, the USA scored a silver (women's) and bronze (men's)!
  • So if you need your fix of Worlds, check out the official site: http://www.wkveldrijden2006.nl/html/EN/default.asp The "routemap" on the homepage is how you get there -- to see the map of the course, check out: http://www.wkveldrijden2006.nl/html/EN/parcours.asp I didn't ask them if their colors mean the same as mine ... but check out the Windmill of Death on the upper right side! Wicked!
  • Make sure to check out Cyclocrossworld.com and CylocrossELEMENTS too!

I'm not a big one for predictions, but I did make some picks in the comments section of this site a few days ago. Unless something happens, I don't see anyone getting close to Nys ... unless you spell his name "Nijs" and everything goes pear-shaped? What will be interesting will be the interplay between the Belgians, as some of them are trade teammates ...

Unfortunately, the U.S. has had a super-bad string of luck lately. Maybe they're due, and I hope they are, but something makes me think they're not. I'd love to see someone pull out an awesome ride, but this is Worlds, in the Netherlands, not far from Belgium ...

In other news, courtesy of the Chicago Athlete e-newsletter: One of the top distance runners in U.S. history, Bob Kennedy, announced his retirement from racing. Kennedy won 20 Big Ten titles as a collegian at IndianaUniversity . . . he won the 5,000 meters title in the U.S. Track & Field Championships in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2001 . . . In 1996, he became the first nonAfrican to run the 5,000 meters in less than 13 minutes.

Even more important, Kennedy completly disproved the notion that you can't be fast if you have facial hair! I have to admit, it was fun the one time someone thought I was him at a local running race a while back ...


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David Johnsen said...

Re: cyclingnews.com

I was happy that they didn't go overboard on JCTDU coverage this year like in the past ("McEwen's hangnail could affect sprint"), but maybe they're slipping a bit all around. I think once the JCTDU kicks off the road season, cyclingnews.com loses interest in 'cross. I don't think there's been anything about it all week. Oddly, they have an extra news page today for mountain biking and nothing for 'cross. No preview, no last minute changes or updates, no weather forecast, nothing. Maybe their European writers are too busy covering the latest ProTour training camps instead.