31 January 2006

It had to happen sometime ...

As anyone who knows me knows, I'm a bit of a weather geek. This is a case where a little knowledge goes a long way toward being obnoxious -- I had one meteorology class in college that made me qualified to do the weather on the college TV station (once), but hardly goes anywhere when trying to keep up with Weather God Tom Skilling of WGN.

But I have had fun with this extremely mild January, especially since my annual break from riding happened to hit in December, when it was really cold and nasty! But starting this week, I'm sort of back "on the program," no longer just doing random rides whenever the wind is right. With an off-season 'cross race in 3 weeks, and a couple of early-season objectives seeming just around the corner, I'm slowly but surely starting the real build up for 2006. So it was with great trepidation that I read this in today's Tribune:

Huge pattern change to unleash arctic air, slash February temperatures
Published January 31, 2006

Wintry weather's to return in stages once February arrives--the first, a moderate-temperature downturn capable of igniting lake snow or even a more organized winter storm system in the U.S. this weekend; the second, a potentially impressive cold outbreak, truly arctic in character, the latter half of next week. The temperature downturn is to follow the final mild surge of the current 39-day warm cycle expected to produce mid 40s Wednesday and Thursday. A mammoth pattern shift is behind the anticipated return to wintry weather and is to occur on a northern hemispheric basis. Areas which have shivered in record cold over recent weeks (i.e. northwest Canada and Alaska) are to warm dramatically, while regions like the Lower 48, enveloped in near record warmth, are in for a temperature shock most notably later next week. As with all major weather shifts, details--i.e. is the transition likely to be snowy--will have to be monitored.

But there is some good news:


David Johnsen said...

You think you've got trepidation. Our natural gas bill for December was $445, and that was after we beefed up the insulation. I haven't received the bill yet, but this mild January probably saved us at least $100. I'm not looking forward to a cold February at all.

Chris said...

Radiators may rattle a bit, and whistle a lot, but they are totally saving our butts this winter!