19 January 2006

Bits and bobs from the cycling world

U.S. Worlds team change: It appears Tree Farm is out and Baker in for the U.S. team at Worlds. That sucks for Trebon -- he was flying Stateside, but once back in Europe has dealt with a few blows. Apparently the rumors that it has to do with his blog comments section are not true ... Been digging around, and Madcross is reporting that it's family matters. Hope nothing serious -- best wishes to Ryan ...

Much-deserved praise: How cool is this? I don't want to seem like a hanger-on, but check out this photo from the T-Mobile team launch in Majorca last week. See the young woman in the Espoir (U-23) U.S. National jersey, just two people to the left of potentially the next winner of the Tour de France? That's none other than Chicago native Rebecca Much, formerly of XXX-Athletico, who also took home a silver in the TT at Worlds in 2004. She's a super-strong rider definitely on her way to greatness ... and she doesn't even turn 20 years old until February 25th!

And yes, T-Mobile has "combined" the women's and men's teams as one entity this year. For an inside look, check out Kim Baldwin's diary at Cyclingnews -- I can only imagine what it's like to go from being a U.S.-based outfit to a full-fledged part of one of the biggest teams in the world in a matter of a year! And yes, Jan's new haircut does make him look like David Hasselhof ...

Jeanson retires: About damn time. Sorry, but her story pissed me off from the start. Too much shady behavior. Or is it behaviour?

Taking a day off: This one is KILLING me! It's already almost 40 degrees outside, and we may hit 50. But I've been going since last Tuesday, and today is a scheduled day off ... I just have to keep reminding myself that as nice as today is, there are nicer days to come in April and May. But man! Do I want to be outside right now, ripping it around Cricket Hill. Maybe at lunch I'll go walk around the pond at work and "visualize." Nah, that would be too weird.


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Anonymous said...

It's behaviour if you are using the DSM-IV looking at Personality Disorders. Don't know who Jeanson is, but I do know about weird word spellings.

Tally Ho