17 January 2006

Am I that predictable?

What is it they say about "from the mouth of babes?" I guess Kim and I -- well, OK, Kim was -- a hit with our 2-year-old niece at New Years; Kaylie has been asking about Kim almost daily.
Kaylie: Where's Kim?
Kari: At home.

Kari: Where's your Uncle Chris?
Kaylie: Riding bike.

Apparently it was quite traumatic when I went for a ride on New Years Day -- I haven't come home yet! It's pretty incredible what kids can process at that age, isn't it?

Training update: After the 3-hour bike adjustment on Saturday, I needed to catch up on some sleep, so I skipped my weights session at the Y last night. The extra 90 minutes of zzzzz made a huge difference! (I'll still get two sessions this week, so don't despair.) And the weather forecast for the week makes it look like the party may be coming to an end ... with a romantic getaway to Milwaukee planned this weekend (including the, ahem, WCA 'Cross banquet*), my training will start to look more like what Bill envisioned. January is a transition month to "just stay in shape" anyway, and we've had a fortunate run of good luck and good weather that I took advantage of. The past couple of weeks are in the bank, and it's comforting to know that I don't have to kill myself in the snow and slush (or on the trainer!) that's sure to come for a little while longer.

* Kim and I are starting our year-long celebration of our 10-year wedding anniversary by heading to Milwaukee on the same weekend I proposed to her. Only I miscalculated, and I actually got down on my knee in the snow on Milwaukee's lakefront 11 years ago ... woops! The 'Cross banquet just happens to be Sunday night between Milwaukee and Madison -- I swear it had nothing to do with our scheduling, and Kim has been very gracious to agree that we could attend. It'll even out in early October, when I miss a race weekend to go back to Pennsylvania and the place we honeymooned!

(And yes, our wedding was in May. But we agreed to push back our trip out East to avoid any conflict with school or the road-racing season. Now, of course, it looks like I'll be free that weekend in May, but Kim may have finals to study for!)


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MadCross said...

You crazy kids and your year long anniversary celebration . . . I think Dave and I did the fast Tuesday night group ride for our 10 year anniversary.

Oh, and don't worry I'm sure Kim will enjoy the cross banquet as she'll get to see you featured in both the end of season video and the nationals video. I'll try to make sure it isn't too embarrassing.