29 December 2005

What have I done?

Now "it" is sitting in my newly converted bike (dining) room. I have to say, it's even more lovely in person than on the web … all white and shiny, with a fresh coat of wax to help protect it from the elements. At least for now … after all, it's a 'cross bike!

I pulled no punches with this one, and I'll be the first to admit that I went more than a little overboard -- 'cross bikes are built to be abused, so every piece of advice I've ever heard about picking components, etc. has basically been "no need to go Record, no need for the trickest brakes, no need for the best frame. Get what works, and will last through a couple of seasons of mud and muck." Then how come all the pros ride Ridleys or Empellas with D/A 10 speed?

So here's what's got me all excited, and ready to hit the trails as soon as they dry out:

What you see here is the basis for my future, the investment in 'cross that I never expected to make. The Cannondale that has served me so faithfully for three seasons will now be my pit bike/commuter/salty road steed, while this new beauty will become the white horse that has me galloping to victory. Or something like that!

Seriously, though -- until this year, I never really upgraded the Cannondale, and once I moved away from the stock Tiagra/105 mix component set, I started to get a glimpse of the future. Not that the new ride will instantly make me faster or a better bike handler, but something has to be said for a bike that will build up around 17 lbs. vs. one that came in at 20-3/4 … nearly 4 lbs. less per barrier section, per run-up, per acceleration will certainly add up!

Of course, Lou is on a C-50 that comes in just over 16 lbs. … only now I'll have no excuses if he spanks me again next year!


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Steve Driscoll said...

Chris!!! Awesome upgrade! One of the most famous/baddest cross frames around! Too bad they dont make a 46 cm for me to ride, Happy New Year!!!!!!