13 December 2005

Random Phlogging

If a Web log is a blog, is a photo web log a Phlog? Here are some random photos from Natz ... full course photo montage/description and more to come ...

My minipump is smaller than my shoe. For some reason, that just amazed me as I packed.

Dave Grohl (aka Kurt Refsnider) has a secret weapon: Oatmeal. For Women. (Seriously, the label said "Nutrition for women." We just hope the beard growth doesn't come standard.)
In this age of technology, you can never have enough to do ... Renee blogs as Kurt reads ... thank goodness for wireless!
Dave always has a smile on his face, even after flatting out of his race! (Hey, that rhymes!)
Like I said, always a smile! This time, Renee refused to be his pincushion ...
Another guy who always seems to be smiling -- John Meehan, super-stoked after a crazy race! (John is the organizer of the Jingle Cross race in Iowa.)
It's pretty telling about tough course conditions when a newly crowned National Champion goes down on a straightaway! This during the Liberty Cup on Sunday ...
And finally, you know you're in heaven when the 'Cross Pope is performing benedictions on your barriers!

Only 360 days 'till Natz!

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Shannon said...

Wouldn't a photo log be an "olog" or a "tolog"? Just curious.