22 December 2005

Kicking and screaming

The bottom fell out about 90 minutes ago, and I can just feel some sort of bug grabbing hold of my immune system and dragging me down. Maybe I can sleep it off, but I doubt it -- I've managed to fight off a bunch of crap for the past 2-3 weeks, but that was before I weight-lifted myself into oblivion while running outside twice this week. But I feel good that I at least did something -- I'm pretty prone to gaining weight easily, and I was starting to feel it!

In the meantime, I have finally succumbed to the Information Age, me who had put off even owning a cell phone until just before 9/11. My company has provided a CrackBerry for my use, and in the midst of a busy e-mail day, I'm vibrating almost constantly ...

This is the middle/end of week 2 of my "off-season" -- last week was the first time in a long time where I had two zeros for my training -- no riding and no cross-training. That's really unusual; even last year, during my first week of off-season, I did some weight-lifting. This year I took a full week completely off, giving in to work priorities, before finally getting to the YMCA for weights and doing a bit of running this week. I'm sure my cardio system is detraining even as I write this (after 10 days or so), but that's sort of OK I think. Especially if I'm getting sick. My limiter is my muscle strength, not my cardio capacity.

Of course, almost everyone else is riding and/or skiing ...


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MadCross said...

If you get sick you I know you will be cursing me for bringing my nasty germs into a small, poorly ventilated hotel room. Sorry!