12 December 2005

David Letterman

I'm in Kohler, Wisconsin for two days, but I figured I needed a list:

Top 10 reasons you know 'Cross Nats in Providence was a success:
10. Your toenails are still black around the edges
9. When you blow your nose, a little mud comes out ... two days after you raced!
8. Your body is bruised in places you didn't know you bumped
7. Your body is bruised in places you didn't know could bruise
6. You're so tired that you don't remember how you got home from Roger Williams Park
5. You're already looking at online registration for Kansas City ... in 2007!*
4. Your bike is in a million pieces ... in your living room ... and you don't care
3. Your shoes are still wet and your skinsuit is caked in half-dry muck
2. Since the season is over, the cyclists at Dunkin Donuts were actually ordering donuts

And the number one reason 'Cross Nats was a success:
1. It's only been 24 hours, and you can't wait to do it again next year!

* Online registration for KC is already open, but with no schedule posted. And by the way, has anyone noticed that they pushed it back a week for 2007?

Renee was traveling today, but I'm sure will have Madcross updated pretty soon, complete with photos, etc. And I've got a bunch of photos that I'll be able to post in a couple of days. In the meantime, here are two that Lou found:

This was me, looking very lonely, as I tried to fix my chain after crashing in the Masters race:

This was Brian Conant on his way to a stellar 2nd place in the Men's 35+ B race:

Only 361 days 'till Natz!


Lou said...

Welcome back, and congrats! You have no idea how closely I was following and I'm sure I saw all the photos before you hit the ground in Chicago, I'm inspired for next year.

Anonymous said...

why was brian conant doing a "B" race? Heck, why didnt he do the "C" race instead, and ensure victory!!!!!