05 November 2005

Sound familiar?

This caught my eye in Saturday's Chicago Tribune, an article about the closing of the second-to-last Greyhound park in Wisconsin. How many times have you thought this about a retired cyclist?

Perhaps surprisingly, greyhound lovers say, the dogs are not prone to tearing around homes or yards at top speed. In fact, the animals are so lazy in retirement they're known affectionately as 40-m.p.h. couch potatoes.

"The dogs really do make great pets," Roth said. "They're high-strung athletes when they're athletes, but after that ... most of the time they just lie around and watch television."

Today's 'cross race went fairly well, not perfect. The state championship is a month away, and once I get my rhythm back, I'll be gunning for that Montrose course. More on St. Charles later ...

1 comment:

David Johnsen said...

My wife has been reading about former racehorses, and it's pretty much the same with them: all whoa and no go!