23 November 2005

Not feeling the love

Lou and I did a snow ride today over by Mt. Trashmore -- just an hour, but it killed me! Coupled with the stomach distress after a short run last night, I think my body is trying to tell me something ... thank goodness today is a short day, and I can take a nap maybe. Who knew that Stake & Shake is a no-no during 'cross? I had no problems all summer on the drives back from St. Louis after road races, but now ...

I was flipping over to DJ Writer's blog and this link caught my eye -- head there for a laugh -- those Californian's are so nutty!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys should have stuck to the original plan of going North & coming back on Green Bay Trail. Now I can't celebrate being the only rider to brave the weather as I had been thinking the last few hours.

Actually I have just been thinking about how bad the turnpike sucks. Take Care Chris & have a good holiday.