09 November 2005

Cutting rocks

On Sunday I had a chance to check out Rock Cut State Park near Rockford, Illinois. It was awesome! The 23 miles of mountain bike trails there are challenging but not too difficult, perfect for a couple of hours on a 'cross bike. It was a great chance to get out and work on my non-existent skills, especially after the bumps and bruises from Saturday. Even better, it's only about 40 minutes from my in-laws' house!

I ended up doing a long loop around the lake, up the Puri Crest hill loop (shared with equestrians), down to the "campground superhighway" and over to the tricky singletrack on the west side of the park. From there it was a loop through Willow Creek and around and up to the lake -- all without doubling up on any trails! The route was just over an hour around, and was pretty quiet this time of year.

If you ever get the chance, I recommend heading out there to go trail riding -- check out CAMBR and the Rock Cut Trail Crew web sites for all the info. The trails close November 30, but they'll be open again in April!

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Ian S/Denalifc said...

Rock Cut Park is home to the HOBO 50k run races in September and the Rockford Road runners also stage a series of winter trail runs there, starts in January with a 5k, Feb 10k, Mar 15k April 20k with a mountain bike race the next day. There is a special T shirt for doing the double that weekend.