19 October 2005

You could be a millionaire

A friend of mine at work sent me this link today: http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com. Can you imagine? Your web hosting fees are minimal, setup time is short, and you are literally sitting on a goldmine. According to my friend, he's already sold 400,000 pixels!

And the scary part? Both my friend, and now me, are playing right into his hands by telling others about it. But it's such a novel idea that it has to be spread. I guess this is the next "Million dollar idea?"

1 comment:

David Johnsen said...

And the imitators and discounters are already moving in (both bought space toward the bottom of the original page). Hmm, my host charges only $5.95 annually for a domain, and I could piggyback that on the underutilized web space and bandwidth I already pay for...